Friday, March 10, 2006


All the talk just recently is about the Microsoft Origami ultra-mobile PCs.

Now, all the problems people raise with these centre around the battery life - around two and a half hours. It's quite true that this makes taking it out for a day is not really practical.

But I don't want to take it out for a day. I have a phone and a PDA for that. No, I want this in the home, and at around £500, it's a bit of an impulse purchase for me. I want to hang it on the fridge - with a docking station to charge it, preferably - and I want to just whip out a recipe, or IMDB, or Argos' Web site, or whatever. It looks perfect for that.

Oh yes. If they get the docking station right, I'm going to jump at the first affordable Tablet PC. Yummy.


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